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Welcome to OwlFox Omens: Tarot Readings by Caelan

Hello! Welcome to my site. I am a professional Cartomancer who has been reading for many years. I enjoy working with people to discover where they are sitting in life, what blocks and obstacles they are facing, how to overcome those, and how to work to improve themselves.


Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in life. We feel we've hit a dead end and aren't sure where to go next. Or we're at a crossroads and the options look equally amazing, or horrific, so we're not sure which one will lead us farther on our journey; versus backwards or just the same thing over again.

We find ourselves needing advice, or an outside perspective, or maybe it's time to ask the Godds or our Guides what's the next step on the agenda, and hearing the words from someone else can be an immense relief and validation with a calming and clearing effect.

Whatever you are needing right now, I hope I can be of assistance, and grant you clarity and peace on your way forward.

Blessed Be.

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