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  • In-Person Reading

    Sometimes you just need a person there while you're going through it, and could really use an ear to listen, and homey vibes to sit in. Currently, I only have an in-house option. If a cafe is more your style, pick a place you like, and we'll iron out the details over email.

  • Online Reading

    A long-distance, or a don't-want-to/can't-leave-the-house option! You need to speak to a reader, but you are feeling under the weather, or there's no one close enough that you vibe with, or at all. So you grab your handy-dandy smartphone and book an online session! Ah, the miracles of modern technology!

  • Email Reading

    Sometimes all you need is a quick check-in or confirmation, and you don't need a conversation to open up the mind. Just a paragraph or two will do. So here is an option for that! Just send in your question and I will reply with a reading within a day or two. No scheduling fuss or making time for tea, just read on the go.

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