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Sonday Musings

So it is Sunday. I have one day each week to spend quality time with each of the godds I walk with. Sunday is Lucifer's day. Lucifer is a difficult deity to find information on in my experience. From what I know: he was originally from the Christian tradition (maybe Jewish), an angel that had a brief mention in one of the books as having been fallen from heaven. Most of his canon comes from the biblical fanfiction, Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained by John Milton, and that there is a little-known occult movement called Luciferianism. Luciferians are very difficult to find. There are two anthologies, both out of print, that are essays about people's encounters and interactions with Lucifer, a few YouTube videos, and maybe some more stuff that I have yet to discover. But having search keywords like "Lucifer" "Luciferianism" and "left-hand path" yield very few results on the internet if you're not after a TV character. Even more esoteric occult books aren't much more likely to yield the type of information I wish to find. So it comes down to unverified personal gnosis (UPG) and hoping to stumble across someone else who works with him.

Here's what I have experienced: He likes being around Kali. I called upon him once, and didn't get much answer until a year or so later when I started exploring vampirism. He enjoys offerings of oranges and orange juice, lemon will suffice in a pinch. There is some sort of affinity for snakes that I haven't delved into yet, and he is very kind and warm. For all that I have heard about Lucifer "falling to bring the light of knowledge/free will to humankind" I haven't seen much of that. He does look angelic in the biblical sense, human-shaped in a long white tunic with shoulder-length blond hair. Unlike their description though, he does appear as having large, golden, bird-like wings.

The first Sunday we hung out, I went down to a proper bar for the first time in years. I was feeling quite in my sexual power, and had put glitter on, as well as a full face of makeup. A very drunk man bought me a drink, and then ended up harassing me when I made it clear that I didn't intend to go with him to his place. As well as insisting on calling me a woman and that he could see me for what I really was; even with a beard. That probably put quite the damper on Lucifer's and my relationship. I haven't been out like that, or to a bar, since. Not at all to say that I blame Lucifer for that happening, we were vibing with power, and someone took advantage of that is all. But I also have an avoidant style shadow-type, so I have probably kept us from growing any closer because of that.

From what I have gleaned of our work together, Lucifer is the light that burns away shadow and reveals everything hiding within it. You get down into the dark, see it for what it is, and get very comfortable entering, revealing, and changing. I have a lot of work to decide to do if I want to keep at growth for myself, and Lucifer and I's path together.

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